Photo: Who cares if you’ve mastered the art of satisfaction? Abraham Hicks quote

“But who cares where you are, if you’re satisfied while you’re going? Who cares what you’re doing if you’ve mastered the art of satisfaction? …Everything you want is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it, and we are here to say to you you’ve got to find a way to feel better in the NOT having it BEFORE it can come. You’ve got to find a way to feel satisfied, otherwise the big stuff will never come to you. …But if you can feel that thrill of satisfaction pouring through you, even if there’s not yet any evidence of it, and you can just FEEL the Universe at your back, assisting you, feeding thoughts to you, giving you ideas of timing…

That feeling of satisfaction will grow from mild satisfaction to the ECSTASY of being the creator of your own Reality, being in control of your own destiny being the uplifter that you were born to be. …In time, you will say, it was never about the money, it was always about the way you feel. But now I’ve got so much money I don’t know what to do with it. It was always about the satisfaction, and I learned to find it. I learned to find it anyway.”

~ Abraham Hicks 2018.08.18

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Photo: Creating a Magical Life at Richardson Beach Park, Hilo, HI

Creating a MAGIC LIFE doesn’t have anything to do with how much money you make or even where you live. It’s entirely based on your habitual THOUGHTS, the ripples you send out into the world. ✨

Maybe it’s because I’ve been meditating every day this month, but I’m realizing that when I meditate, I put myself into a state of RECEIVING. The universe (spirit guides, whatever) talks to me and drops inspired “nudges” into my mind. And I find that when I act on them, whether it be reaching out to a specific person to ask if they want to be a beta reader for an upcoming book or to ask a friend to join me somewhere, MAGIC often happens. Unpredictable, wonderful things flow though me.

Maybe that’s what I lost sight of a few years ago. I fell into the classic trap of “following the program” even if it was only a fraction of “normal.” I had stopped living like LIFE was an adventure, and it slowly wore me down. Don’t get me wrong; it can be easy to fall into this trap, especially if you’re in a relationship with someone who, ultimately, doesn’t want the same lifestyle as you.

But then everything changed. I started over. I returned to Hawaii. And I’m rediscovering myself, the power of the mind, the power of the spirit, and the power of social support. I truly believe that we can turn on our MAGIC LIFE potential once we start actually LISTENING to that still, small voice within us that tells us we don’t have to be afraid. I find that meditating at least 15 minutes every day lets me tap into that voice. Just sitting quietly and noticing the touch of breath on my nose.

You may find another way of meditating that works better for you, but no matter how you do it, I encourage you to try it at least every day for a week. It is SO VERY POWERFUL; such an amazing way to be open to what you are already trying to tell yourself; such a remarkable way of receiving the messages for us.

Remember, we are bold creators, and we’re just getting started.

Creating a Magical Life at Richardson Beach Park, Hilo, HI

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