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Welcome to Andrew Crusoe’s wonderfully-weird corner of the internet, MYTH.LI, where he shares the odd creations from his heart and head, beaming into your eye holes directly from Bali! 🌺

Andrew on a peak in Oahu

Andrew is an author, podcaster, speaker, cyclist, and occasionally even does stand-up comedy. His first Tropical Sci-Fi novel, The Truth Beyond the Sky, gained attention for successfully predicting gravity waves, years before they were proven by LIGO in 2016.

It’s the first in a mind-bending Sci-Fi trilogy that draws inspiration from the Big Island of Hawaii, the Ra Material, and Robert Monroe’s out-of-body-experience series. Plus, the sequel is the only Sci-Fi novel that features Hawaii’s famous, volcanic Ahalanui Warm Ponds woven directly into the plot; and it’s written so you could even begin reading there.

His next series, Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise, is an addictive, true story of what happened when he heard the call of adventure and embraced life on Big Island of Hawaii: a story of love, a volcano goddess living in a lava lake, a pledge of noble silence, a hurricane, and a consciousness shift that changed his life forever. Learn more →

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On the 12th anniversary of his mother’s disappearance, Zahn hikes to the island summit, only to be awoken by a brilliant object thundering down from the sky, impacting into the beach far below.

In a frenzy, he sprints down the mountain, coming across a large crater in the silvery sand. He reaches in, pulling out a triangular plate made of a strange material, moonlight sliding off of it at strange angles.

Conflicted over what to do, Zahn hides the fragment in his room for days, knowing that if he brings it to the observatory, they’ll confiscate it, and he might never learn the truth.

Then, in the middle of the night, Zahn is awoken by a tapping at his window. He opens it, and to his shock, it’s a man wearing a silvery uniform. There’s more to what Zahn found on the beach than he could have ever imagined, and he’s swept up into a galactic adventure with a cryptic captain and a living starship.

Along the way, he encounters the Vakragha, a species bent on consuming entire stars. And to Zahn’s horror, he learns that they’re heading toward his homeworld. Only the Tulari, a stone that can heal the wounds they cut into space, offers any hope. But saving his world isn’t all he has to worry about. Just when Zahn lands on a moon stolen by the Vakragha, he makes a breakthrough, finally learning his mother’s true fate. Now he is faced with a heartbreaking decision that could either save his world or doom it forever.

What the Reviewers say:

“This is a great story…Definitely an amazing adventure for all…The descriptive scenes captivate the imagination and one truly feels a part of the story.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

~ River Rose []

“Crusoe has a talent for putting us beside the hero on this grand journey… integrating deep metaphysical concepts with some very original and creative science fiction.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

~ Austin Bridges [Asst. Director at LL Research]

“…it was tough to look away. What’s really interesting about this book is how multi-layered it is. At its base, this is a book about a boy who is in search of his mother. However it’s so much more than that. Zahn’s story manages to pull from the world around us, while also incorporating elements of mythology and hero epics. This is a coming-of-age story of the highest caliber.

~ Jessica Nottingham []

“Readers of the Law of One (Ra Material) books may find familiar the philosophical thread woven throughout…In my view, that makes this book a rare gem in the genre. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the underlying philosophy of the book, the mythos, shares much in common with the best of metaphysical literature.”

~ Thomas Minderle [Author of Fringe Knowledge for Beginners]

“A swift & compelling read! I recommend it if you enjoy science fiction epics.”

~ Michael Coorlim [Galvanic Century series author]

“I was immediately drawn in by the vivid descriptions…The author has a knack for fully immersing a reader into the hero’s plight, and I felt like I was hurtling through corridors of light alongside Zahn.”

~ Erica Lane []

“Overall I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and the narration 7 out of 5 stars because it was that good. I definitely recommend this book to sci-fi fans, and if you have any interest in audiobooks, spring for the audio. You won’t regret it.”

~ Katie Harder-schauer

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Also, be sure to check out the reviews of the sequel at The Island on the Edge of Forever page →

About the Author

Author. Consultant. Designer. Podcaster. Traveller.

As a citizen of Earth, I’m interested in growth and tearing down the illusion of separation.

I was blessed to grow up with a mixture of mellow Bay Area breezes and harsh Wisconsin winters. After studying design in college, I began traveling solo, intent on cultivating a greater appreciation of the massive country that I grew up in. Around this time, I also started seriously delving into The Law of One books, which I’d discovered through David Wilcock’s work. (You can even read all of the LoO books for free on now.)

Within those books, I found an internally-consistent philosophy that was unlike anything that I’d encountered before. In brief, the books put forth a lens to view, not just the Earth, but the entire galaxy as an evolving system, divine and sacred in its oneness. Yet it wasn’t until much later that the idea for a fictional story based on that philosophy finally hit me.

In the intervening time, I created my first website. As my first passive-income experiment, I wrote hundreds of travel articles, spanning from travel philosophy to in-depth studies on hidden and under-appreciated destinations. I had always written, but precisely because I had always done it, I took it for granted and didn’t consider it as a step along my career path until later.

Yet when I returned from a transformative 5 ½ months on the road, something had shifted in me, and the sprout of an idea finally broke through the soil of my mind: I would write a Science Fiction series based on the Law of One. I took a rough outline I’d started a year before, originally inspired by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth structure, and worked to develop it into a fast-paced science fiction novel with a strong underlying philosophy. And after three years of outlining, writing, and revising, I released THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY to the Kindle store, the first Science Fiction novel based on the Law of One philosophy.

AudiobookReviewer 5-star rating

The book garnered tons of 5-star reviews on, received glowing write-ups on book reviewer websites, and qualified for an ACX stipend, which attracted a marvelous narrator for the audio version of the book, now available on And because of the support of my remarkable readers, I’m thankful to say that it has now grown into the award-nominated Epic of Aravinda trilogy (for now).

But the story didn’t end there. In 2013, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. I spent almost exactly 1.5 years on that magical island before moving into Utah for a quite different adventure. Long story short, my experiences inspired my first nonfiction books, a vibrant 3-volume True Hawaii series that has gone on to receive over 400 positive reviews on Amazon alone! 🤯

Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise Vol 1 cover

All 3 volumes are now complete, available in all formats, on all major stores! You can even listen to free samples of me narrating the books on my audiobook page, or just grab a sample here.

If it’s not already abundantly clear, I strongly believe that storytelling can be a powerful vehicle to teach timeless principles and inspire positive change. And to this day, I remain independent in my operations, seeking no one to act as a middleman between myself and my readers.

In short, I rely on you, my readers to spread the word about my work!

The best way to do this is to read one of my titles and then review it. My books are priced aggressively to allow everyone to experience my work.

Read a sample of The Truth Beyond the Sky on:

Interviews & Appearances

In addition to Andrew’s interview podcast ASCENDANT, Andrew and his books have been featured in many podcasts. Below is an updated list that will continue to grow:

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Bonus Reviews

While the views below are not from pro-reviewers, they provide even more data on what people think of the book, so I’ve included them below.

This was a very enjoyable light read that was quite difficult to put down; I found myself up until 2 AM a couple of nights. It is good science fiction which does not delve into heavy techie details of the objects that are beyond the technical abilities of the main character, Zahn…As the author says about his writings, ‘transcending’ one’s self is needed to be learned. This skill is the only way to get their message to the Council; an interesting twist you don’t find in many stories of this genre which I found interesting…I really do appreciate how polished this story is…I am ready for a continuance. Thank you, AMC.

~ Retired Techie (Amazon Reviewer)

A most enjoyable tale of friendship, challenges, and space lore. Who is to say none of this could be real? Looking forward to the continuation.

~ T. Roth (Amazon Reviewer)

I think the hardest genre of literature to write and write well is Sci-Fi. We have some scientific information but the writer has to weave a cohesive story around the known facts and use his imagination to make an excellent story. This book does this with well-developed characters taking part in many suspenseful episodes in space…This is the kind of book you would like to read straight through just to see what happens next. Good story, good characters. I would let any of my older “young-people” read this. They would probably give high marks if they are Star Wars fans.

~ Lindah (Amazon Reviewer)

Congratulations to this gifted author that is able to get me to imagine new worlds. I think the appeal could be quite extensive, from the “coming of age” genre, to all the people like me who enjoy exploring alternate realities.

~ Jeri A. Ramirez (Amazon Reviewer)

The Truth Beyond the Sky

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