Aloha! 🌺 If it’s not already clear, I strongly believe in storytelling’s ability to inspire, soothe, & even heal, especially in these strange times. And today, I have a BIG GIVEAWAY to announce 🥳

Many of you know about my #TenThousandHoursInParadise series, but before that was ever a possibility, I wrote a #TropicalSciFi trilogy inspired by global myth, the hero’s journey, sacred geometry, out-of-body experiences, and much more.

The series went on to receive 100+ glowing reviews on Amazon, etc, and this month, I’M GIVING AWAY THE ENTIRE TRILOGY. One lucky prize winner will receive all 3, which I worked on from 2008-2016. And you know what, EVERY PERSON who enters by following the rules below WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE in their direct messages. I won’t spoil the surprise; you’ll just have to enter and see what arrives. 😜


Kindle, ePub, & PDF versions of:

  • The Truth Beyond the Sky
  • The Island on the Edge of Forever
  • The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion
  • PLUS, a rare full-length (24min) cut of my interview at UPR radio. (I was interviewed for predicting #GravityWaves in the books before they were proven by LIGO in 2016.)


  1. Follow me here → @HelloCrusoe (or Follow me on Facebook if you prefer FB)
  2. Tag three friends in this post in the comments (or this Facebook post) Just type @ sign, and then your friend’s name in either Instagram or Facebook to tag someone!
  3. Want a bonus entry? Share the giveaway post to your story! Or repost it altogether! (Max 2 entries per person)

This special giveaway will close Saturday, 4/25 at Midnight Hawaii Time. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, 4/27. Mahalo for supporting this work & good luck! 🍀


“…The descriptive scenes captivate the imagination and one truly feels a part of the story. 5 stars!”
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ AudiobookReviewer.com

“This is a coming-of-age story of the highest caliber!”
~ Jessica Nottingham [HopelessBibliophile.com]

“Crusoe has a talent…integrating deep metaphysical concepts with some very original and creative science fiction.”
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ Austin Bridges [Asst. Director at LL Research]

“5-stars! I misplaced my kindle & thought I’d never find it again. The angels of the Universe knew that I had a responsibility to tell them about this book. There is a need for all to read this book!”
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟~ D.D.

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Photo: HoloHoloTime: PsuedoAustralin Accents & An On-Air Surprise

Hi 🍄 #PhysicalDistancing? It’s the PERFECT time to enjoy a NEW episode of my #HoloHoloTime podcast! Today: a hilarious Conscious Conversation about Permission & Relationships, PLUS A SURPRISE GIFT to Rory & Krunchi, LIVE on the show. LISTEN NOW → https://bit.ly/2xy6xws

For this ep, we resume our talk about #ConsciousRelationships, and I almost get talked into doing a Pagan wedding 😂 , plus I end up doing the WILDEST pseudo-Australian accent that Patreon commenters have even called sexy? Flattered. (Also, apologies for the rain in the background, it goes away after a few minutes.)

Recorded DEEP in the heart of #Kalapana on the edge of the Big Island of Hawaii… Tune in for part 3 in 2 weeks 💗 And if you enjoy this podcast, please SHARE the post about this episode! It REALLY helps support this work. Mahalo for all that you do. We’re going to get through this 💪🍀

LISTEN → https://bit.ly/2xy6xws

Psychedelic Colors on Lava beach

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