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The Island on the Edge of Forever ebook coverA fast-paced, tropical Sci-Fi novel inspired by the Big Island of Hawaii, The Island on the Edge of Forever is part of the growing Epic of Aravinda series. This is a also great entry-point to the series!

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“I really enjoyed this book and was impressed by its Miyazaki-level imaginative flair. The vivid way Crusoe painted the landscapes and inhabitants of the Island of Forever stuck with me. Further, he interweaves just the right amount of spiritual levity and philosophy throughout, in a way that serves the plot rather than vice versa.” — Tom Minderle, Author of ‘Fringe Knowledge for Beginners’

“In today’s vast sea of self-publishing, discovering this much intelligence, original thought, and imagination is a rare treat…I’m already impatient for the third book!” — Flavia Westermann, Amazon Reviewer

“The author’s prose is smooth and rhythmic…with layers of meaning and complexity for those who care to look.” — Michael Coorlim (Galvanic Century series author)

“It’s not often that I treat myself to fiction books, but reading ‘The Island on the Edge of Forever’ was so exciting that I didn’t want to put it down. The journey Crusoe takes us on is imaginative, bringing new worlds to life before my eyes…I can’t wait to continue.” — Billy Horn, Amazon Reviewer

“I have almost 1,500 SciFi books on my Kindle…This one sticks out from the rest…It was an exciting read that left me wanting more.” — BookWormy, Amazon Reviewer

“If you want to take a fast trip through the galaxy to an enchanted island somewhere far away, this book is for you. This book has it all!” — Lamar Renville, Amazon Reviewer

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