Aravinda Glossary & Pronunciation Guide

Welcome to the Amithya Archives. Below is a list of terms translated from Divyakrta into English and their correct pronunciations.


Aarava = “ARE-ah-vuh”
The World of Resonance. [Visited in Book 1]

Aaravan = “ARE-ah-van”
Someone who lives on Aarava.

Agnihawk = “AG-nee-hawk”
Exotic, stunning birds that the Vakragha prefer to eat live.

Agnira = “ag-NEER-uh”
One of the original wellsprings of life. Distant ancestors of the Vakragha.

Akasha-Dipa = “ah-KAH-sha DEE-pah”
One of the brightest stars in the western spiral arm.

Akasha-timi = “ah-KAH-sha TEE-mee”
Colossal spacefaring creatures reminiscent of whales.

Amithya = “ah-MEETH-ya”
A hidden world near the galactic core. Current home of the Council of Amithya where most Confederation decisions are made. [Visited in Book 1]

Amrita = “am-REE-tah”
A legendary golden drink of concentrated vital energy.

Anuttam = “AH-noo-tam”
A title of honor, meaning “highest.”

Asha = “AH-sha”
One of our heroes. Born on Tavisi. Talented healer.

Ashakirta = “ah-sha-KEER-tah”
Asha’s full name.

Ashraya = “ah-SHRAY-uh”
An archipelago made up of ten islands on the planet of Avani. Zahn’s home.

Avani = “ah-VAH-nee”
Zahn’s birthplace. Sibling world of Sumanas.

Avanian = “ah-VAH-nee-an”
Someone who lives on Avani.

Avega = “ah-VAY-guh”
A kind of purple Avanian fruit, dense in nutrients.

Chaya = “CHA-yuh”
A potent tea. Properties are still not well understood.

Chintak = “chin-TAHK”
An overseer of the Order of Nirangi.

Chintak Tarus = “chin-TAHK TAR-us”
One of the bravest chintak in the Order of Nirangi.

Chintamani = “chin-tah-MAH-nee”
One of a small number of ancient stones or jewels that has a supernatural power. Origin unknown. (Also called a Transcendent Stone.)

Darshana = “dar-SHA-nah”
Zahn’s mother. Inventor of the Gravity Lens. [See Book 1 in the series.]

Divyakrta = “div-yah-KEER-tah”
The ancient language of the Aravinda Galaxy.

Durazha = “doo-RAH-zha”
The greatest military mastermind the Vakragha ever knew. Also known as the Darkest.

Goranku = “gor-AWN-koo”
The first islander that Asha meets.

Hataaza Darad = “hah-TAH-zah dah-rahd”
A volcanic world within the Nirananda Nebula. One of Razakh’s favorite worlds within his dominion.

Hataazan = “hah-TAH-zuhn”
Someone from Hataaza Darad. Usually used to refer to the engineered beasts that Vakragha use for slave labor.

Irah = “EYE-rah”
Sujan’s partner and confidante.

Jagrul = “JAG-ruhl”
A small bird-like creature from Amithya. Can see timespace connections between people and objects.

Jangalan = “jan-GAL-an”
A rare Avanian language, famous for being almost impossible to learn flawlessly.

Jyotis = “JYOH-tiss”
The mythical birthplace of all life in the Aravinda Galaxy.

Kaala = “KAH-lah”
A traditional grain of Avani, similar to oats.

Kavasa = “kah-VAH-sah”
A kind of berry, highly concentrated with antioxidants and other compounds beneficial in space travel.

Kavi = “KAH-vee”
A wise, old friend of Zahn’s. Has a tendency to disappear unexpectedly.

Klick = “klik”
Unit of measurement. Equivalent to 1,000 meters.

Kulik = “KOO-lik”
An eccentric servant of Vayuna. Calls himself a Hand of the Visionaries. Tracks the prowler creatures, and more.

Kuvela-dipa = “koo-VAY-luh DEE-puh”
The name of the star Avani orbits.

Lalantika = “lah-LAN-tee-kah”
Tiika’s full name. (See Tiika.)

Liila = “LEE-lah”
A Confederation reconnaissance starship. Spherical. Slightly obsessed with fractals.

Mauka = “MAU-kuh”
A Hawaiian word meaning “mountain.”

Mindcap = “mind-cap”
Any one of various dome-like devices that allows for instantaneous, nonverbal communication between a person and a Confederation starship.

Mindscan = “mind-scan”
A rare Confederation practice in which one on trial is subject to an examination of all of their memories.

Mira = “MEAR-uh”
A Confederation captain from Sumanas.

Navika = “NAH-vee-kuh”
A Confederation starship. Once shot down over Avani. Tetrahedral (That is, a 3-sided pyramid.)

Nirananda = “nee-rah-NAN-dah”
A dark nebula, containing one of Razakh’s prison worlds.

Nividesha = “nee-vee-DESH-ah”
The capital province of the Zaamani nation.

Oonak = “OO-nahk”
A Confederation captain from Sumanas. Former captain of Navika. (aka. “Oon”)

Photodisc = “FO-to disk”
A thin, round device used for taking photographs.

Quarava = “kwa-RAH-vah”
A kind of nectar harvested on Aarava.

Rajan = “rah-JAHN”
A villager whose grandfather was killed by the Žha.

Rakta = “rock-TAH”
A saucy red fruit, indigenous to the Ashraya Islands.

Razakh = “rah-ZAHK”
Autarch leader of a Vakragha Faction who attacked the Kuvela system.

Rockturtle = “rock tur-tul”
A marine creature, similar to a sea turtle, indigenous to the Ashraya Islands.

Rodhas = “row-DASS”
The most distant planet in the Kuvela system.

Samiira = “sah-MEE-rah”
A world mentioned by Asha once. Further data is classified.

Shamindesha = “sha-min-DESH-ah”
A province of the Zaamani nation that borders the ocean. Birthplace of Sujan.

Sumanas = “soo-MAH-nas”
Oonak’s birthplace. Sibling world of Avani.

Taarakalis = “tah-rah-KAH-liss”
A ruined world. Sibling world of Vakragha home world, Vakrazur.

Taarakani  = “tah-rah-KAH-nee”
The people of Taarakalis, who were decimated by the Vakragha.

Tak  = “tak”
One of Zahn’s coworkers at the Ashraya Observatory.

Taskaran  = “tas-KAR-an”
An old enemy of the Ashraya province.

Tavisi = “tah-VEE-see”
Asha’s birthplace. Once a world of ruddy mountain ranges, sheer cliffs, and immaculate streams. It’s surface is now ruined by Vakragha attacks.

Tiika = “TEE-kah”
A mysterious young woman from the Island of Forever. Drawn to Asha from the beginning.

Timespace = “TIME-space”
The realm that is the inversion of normal spacetime, in which all are held in timelessness. Also used by various Confederation technology to create shortcuts in spacetime for their starships and communications.

Tulari = “too-LAH-ree”
Properly known as the Fire of Life, this rare Chintamani stone allows its owner to seal up fissures in the fabric of spacetime.

Vaari = “VAR-ee”
One of the five wellsprings of life in the Aravinda Galaxy. [Featured in Book 2.]

Vaarian = “VAR-ee-an”
Someone who lives on Vaari.

Vakragha = “vak-rah-GAH”
The ancient adversary to the Confederation, bent on consuming every star in the galaxy into their fissures and therefore their Dominion.

Varking = “VARK-ing”
An increasingly popular expletive used by those living in the free worlds of the Aravinda Galaxy.

Vasanta-dipa = “vah-SAN-tah DEE-pah”
One of the rare violet stars in the galaxy, near the core.

Vayuna = “vay-YOO-nah”
The first entirely synthetic intelligent entity in the galaxy. In other words, the first purely artificial intelligence, containing no entities to facilitate it’s intelligence. Also known as the First Construct. Created on Tavisi.

Vina = “VEE-nah”
One of Zahn’s coworkers at the Ashraya Observatory. Very chatty.

Wristcomm = “RIST-kahm”
Any number of different types of silvery, metal wearable devices that serves as a multi-functional tool, providing illumination, temperature readings, ship communication, mind-to-mind language translation, and more.

Yantrik = “YAHN-trik”
Mechanical genius. Owner of Outpost 33. Asha’s father.

Zaamani = “zah-MAH-nee”
A coastal nation south of the Ashraya Islands.

Zikhara = “zik-HAR-rah”
The tallest point on the entire Ashraya archipelago, located on Ashraya island, the largest in the island chain.

Zura = “ZOO-rah”
One of Razakh’s two chief advisors. Being a shorter breed, she is a minor Vakragha.

Žha = “zhaa” (A French Z sound.)
Primarily occupying dark caves, they are the most dangerous creatures on the Island of Forever. Few have seen them and lived to tell the tale.