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ASCENDANT is an interview show about the nature of reality, thoughts becoming things, and journeys from scarcity to abundance, in all forms. Enjoy my brilliant, creative guests and their stories of how they shape reality. Let’s jam!

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Past Shows

In my old show, Aravinda Show (an interview show about how we do our most meaningful, creative work) past guests included John Roderick, Zoë Eisenberg, Jamie Catto, Steve Pavlina, and more. Since then, I’ve retired that show and am in the process of moving them all over to my Patreon page, where they are available for free. You can listen to those classic episodes at the links below (more coming soon!)

HoloHoloTime podcast art

And when I lived on Big Island, I also hosted a wild, free-flowing show called: HoloHoloTime. It was always recorded in-person with the bare minimum of editing to give you the rawest experience of the people of Hawaii.

Since it’s entirely hosted on my Patreon page, it can be a little squirrelly to see an episode list, so I’ve created one below. Enjoy:

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~ Andrew Crusoe