Podcast: Adam Lisagor Becomes Sandwich & Creates Video 🥪

Greetings friends! Today, I am so excited to present an interview with Adam Lisagor, director, founder of Sandwich Video, podcaster of You Look Nice today fame, and All Consuming, a show about the highs and lows of consumerist culture, and so much more. Sometimes known as merely Sandwich, and rarely, even Tiborg, Adam is a delightful and inspiring human. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

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Photo: The Lonely Sandwich Man

Why am I posting this photo of a man eating a sandwich on a bench? He looks a bit lonely, doesn’t he?

These are good questions!

You see, this scene is what inspired my next podcast guest to adopt the username #LonelySandwich on social media, eventually inspiring the name of his accidentally-successful video production company! He has quite a story, and I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow. Be on the lookout for my instagram story about it!

So consider this as a teaser for what’s coming tomorrow. This episode of #ASCENDANT is very special →

What kind of sandwich do you think he’s eating?

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