Photo: Red Road of Change poem

You can watch the road get covered
⁣You can watch your old life burn down
⁣But CHANGE is part of your process
⁣In sadness, you don’t have to drown
For above that sharp, raw earth
⁣Unfolds a spectacular vignette

We learn what the lessons were worth

And bask in the golden sunset
⁣A big mahalo to everyone who reached out, in any way, and brightened my week. This is for you. 💗
#hawaiipoem #redroad #themagicoftheredroad #redroadpoem #luckywelivehawaii

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Photo: Sunset at Onekahakaha Beach Park panorama & Annica Poem

What is fixed?
What is permanent?
In this ever-flowing,
Of warm light,
Lava rock,
And Ocean?
Hawaii is a focal,
A point of change
Formed by a hotspot
In the middle of the ocean.
How remarkable,
So blessed I am
To live
On an Improbable Rock
#weirdhawaiipoems #hawaiipoetry #annicapoem #luckywelivehi #onekahakahabeachpark #sunsetatonekahakaha #nofilter #shotinraw

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