Photo: Richardson Ocean Park Sunset

Good news, everyone! I’m coming back for a new YouTube Live #AskMeAnthing where I’ll answer ANY of your questions, & even perform a scene from one of my #TravelAdventure books! Which book? It’s up to you! 🥳


Friday at 3PM Hawaii, 6PM PDT, 9PM EDT! That time won the vote! MAHALO to all that voted! We’re going to have so much fun, and I’m gonna be trying out something new, too—see you there! 🎊☺️

 Richardson Ocean Park Sunset

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Photo: Twisting Turning Pandemic Poem

Twisting, turning
Scratching, yearning
We are the
v i b r a t i n g
Pulsing, Hoping,
Bleeding, Burning,
Slapping, Joking,
Throng of Life
And we WILL




Twisting turning green trees in Hawaiian jungle

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