News: The Kaleidoscopic Universe enters Beta Reader phase

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream?

These days, I see ALL art as pieces of the dreamworld that we visit each night, made manifest for us to see, hear, and touch.

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been rewriting a book I’ve been working on for over 2 years, and thinking about for much longer.

Now I’m finally ready to share it with a group of beta readers.
Would you like to be one of them?

Girl sitting on a beach looking at a huge alien squid towering over the water


After a hard-won victory over the Vakragha, peace seems within reach, until Commander Mira discovers a new type of Vakragha that tears through spacetime, unleashing snakelike vermin by the millions.

Mira must escort Asha, a gifted healer, and her father, a starship mechanic, from Avani to the Healing School on Amithya. There, they must master powerful techniques, including Vipassana meditation. But Asha’s best friend Zahn, who harbors unrequited love for her, is left behind on Avani.

While Mira, Asha, and Yantrik train intensely, Zahn suffers a near-fatal accident. A concussion and loss of smell lead him to Anjali, a colleague who helps him recover, but their budding romance soon hits turbulence.

Back on Amithya, Asha and Mira learn that the Vakragha are poised to attack Tavisi, Asha’s home, and accept a mission to move a powerful Chintamani stone to the planet. During their mission, disaster strikes, and Asha’s premonition of the dark vermin raining down upon her world is becoming reality.

Meanwhile, Zahn is recruited for a mission to capture one of the shadowy vermin and uncover its weaknesses. But there’s no time, and Mira turns to Vimalavati, an A.I. with the power to create hyper-realistic simulations and foresee the future. Yet Vimalavati refuses to join the Confederation, harboring resentment for her exile from Tavisi. Can she be trusted? Will her cryptic visions and the team’s newfound abilities be enough to survive the coming threat?

Unique in its genre, THE KALEIDOSCOPIC UNIVERSE is a Sci-Fi adventure that integrates Hawaiian healing techniques, attachment theory, and Vipassana meditation, all while blurring the line between simulation and reality.

If you’re interested in this opportunity to provide feedback for this book months before it comes out, you know what to do. Mahalo 🌺


Photo: Everyone look silly in snorkel gear (Gili Air)

Is it just me or does everyone look silly in snorkel gear?

This is from March, when I took a brief detour to #GiliAir before moving into my longterm spot in Ubud. #ilovebali

Ps. We have more fun on TikTok! 🤫