Photo: Fill Your Own Cup First

“Don’t try to get people on your wavelength… True empowerment is staying in the Vibration of Joy & inviting others to join you there, not lowering your vibration to meet them.” — Maryam Hasnaa

(In other words, guard your energy. Fill your own cup first and then you’ll have the abundance to fill another’s cup ) #guardyourenergy

Maryam Hasnaa quote

Photo: Preview of Jamie Catto interview

Today I’m honored to present my interview with Jamie Catto​, a musician, filmmaker, and author. In 1999, he co-founded the remarkable #WorldMusic project 1 Giant Leap with Duncan Bridgeman​, and their work has inspired me for a decade now. 🌏

I hope you enjoy this insightful and funny conversation about embracing our messy bits, shadow selves, oneness, the essential unity in all religions, and riding the waves of life. We also talk about “Becoming Nobody” film, all about the wisdom and humor of Ram Dass!

Entire 46 min interview, free, here →


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