Honors List

This page contains the names of anyone who has spotted a typo in the final version of one of my books, provided helpful feedback in person, or just went beyond the call of duty as a beta reader. These are the superstars.

Also, if you believe you’ve spotted a typo, contact me, and if I confirm that it exists in a current version of a book, you will be added to this list and, if you’d like, a link to your social media profile will be provided. 🙂

Aravinda Honors

  1. Flavia Westermann
  2. M.M. Stauffer
  3. David Knowles
  4. Alaa Jahshan
  5. Michael Heidbrink (read Book 1 in 2 days)

Patreon Honors (Pledging $10/mo or more)

  1. Jennifer Long
  2. Ryan Martin
  3. Marty Hans
  4. Brad B

THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart. You make all of this possible. ❤️