The Truth Beyond the Sky Audiobook 2015 cover

I am excited to announce that The Truth Beyond The Sky is now available on both and iTunes.

Complete with original music, professional narration quality, and even a few sound effects for deeper immersion, The Truth Beyond the Sky audiobook is a wonderful way to experience the 1st book in the Epic of Aravinda.

And I am so proud of the work pro-narrator Jeff Hays and I have been able to produce.

Coming in at just under 8.5 hours, it’s the perfect gift for a Sci-Fi fan on a long car ride, or even just someone who commutes to work. is the planet’s largest audiobook seller for a reason, and I’m so happy to offer it through their service. However, if you prefer iTunes’ system, it’s available directly through the iTunes Store, the largest seller of music, as well.

Store icons are below. But before you do anything, I recommend you click on the Audible icon to listen to the 5-minute free preview.

It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

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