The Truth Beyond the Sky Audiobook 2015 cover

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I am excited to announce that The Truth Beyond The Sky is now available on both:

Complete with original music, professional narration quality, and even a few sound effects for deeper immersion, The Truth Beyond the Sky audiobook is a wonderful way to experience the 1st book in the Epic of Aravinda.

And I am so proud of the work pro-narrator Jeff Hays and I have been able to produce.

NEW: The Loveliest Abyss in the Universe

For my new project, I’ve decided to narrate my work myself, resulting in the audiobook edition of my dark Sci-Fi novella.

This one isn’t exclusive to, so you have a LOT more options on where to buy it, usually under $3 in most places. 🔥

The Loveliest Abyss in the Universe Audiobook cover

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