0303: Steve Pavlina on Character, Kleptomania, & Alignment (Part 1)

Steve Pavlina – Speaker, Blogger, Author

Steve Pavlina – Speaker, Blogger, Author

UPDATE: In the intervening years since this interview came out, my old podcast, Aravinda Show, has been retired. To listen to this classic episode, see the episode list over at the podcast page →

Today I’m elated to share with you the first of a 2-part interview with author, blogger, and speaker Steve Pavlina!

If you aren’t familiar with Steve, he’s probably more passionate about personal growth than anyone else you’ll ever meet.

From struggling with kleptomania, to landing in a jail cell, to rebuilding his life, to graduating from college in 3 semesters, to surviving a failed business and learning to build a business touches people around the globe, Steve’s journey is fascinating.

Featured in USAToday and The Guardian, Steve’s articles on positive habits, time management, polyphasic sleep, subjective reality, ethical non-monogamy, and so much more, have impacted millions of people’s lives.

In this first part, we explore what it’s like to overcome kleptomania, how Steve graduated college in 3 semesters, and how to use life to shape your character.

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UPDATE: Part 2 of this interview is now live! →

Show Notes

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  1. Steve’s website
  2. Steve’s excellent book “Personal Development for Smart People”
  3. Meaning of Life series – Intro (about jail)
  4. “Spark” by John J. Ratey (The exercise book Steve recommends.)
  5. Bear Bombing article by Steve
  6. Declaring Social Bankruptcy article by Steve
  7. Why Vegan? article by Steve
  8. My True Hawaii adventure that we discussed. Get the first 20% for free, including the chapter about my visit to a lava lake →
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