0304: Steve Pavlina on Subjective Reality & Non-Monogamy (Part 2)

Steve Pavlina and Rachelle after skydiving

Steve and I return today with an even juicier deep-dive, this time into beliefs-as-lenses, ethical non-monogamy, and subjective reality.

The challenge: When we internalize beliefs, we attach our identity to that perspective, causing all kinds of problems.

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Featured in USAToday and The Guardian, Steve’s articles on positive habits, time management, polyphasic sleep, subjective reality, ethical non-monogamy, and so much more, have impacted millions of people’s lives.

You don’t have to hear the 1st part first, but you may want to. In this second part, the conversation flows into a deep discussion on how to have a conscious non-monogamous relationship, built on a strong foundation of communication and trust. We talk about healthy boundaries, avoiding common mistakes, and even tie in some wisdom from Khalil Gibran. And the conversation continues in the after show, now streaming, for FREE, on my Patreon page here →

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Show Notes

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  1. Listen to the after show on my Patreon page for free →
  2. Steve’s YouTube Series on his Water Fast
  3. Subjective Reality Simplified article by Steve (A great place to start with Subjective Reality)
  4. “Far Journeys” by Robert Monroe (Thought energy book that we mention, that was also an inspiration for my novels)
  5. Open Relationships article by Steve (Good Insights on what it’s like to be in an Open Relationship)
  6. My True Hawaii adventure that we discussed. Get the first 20% for free, including the chapter about my visit to a lava lake →
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