Photo: How good could it get? Lava rocks at Carlsmith Beach Park (Hilo, HI)

E M B R A C E   P O S S I B I L I T Y 💫 Note to Self: what you focus on GROWS in your experience.

Meditate on this question: how good could it get?

Last night someone offered a hug to me after they’d bought my nonfiction Hawaii adventure, Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise! Even just a year ago, I would have never imagined the kindness and positivity that I’ve experienced doing markets – Mahalo nui nui nui 💗

Lava rocks at Carlsmith Beach Park, Hilo, HI

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Photo: Pink Cotton Candy Hawaiian Clouds & My Vision for the Future

Everyone has their “goat,” metaphorically speaking.

One person’s is spiritual growth and writing about it. One’s is talking to spirit guides. One’s is helping people with their mental health. One’s is keeping species from going extinct… Robert’s was exploring realms beyond his physical body. Esther’s is inspiring people to realize the reality-creating power of their thoughts…

Of course, all of these have their challenges and upsides. For a long time, I thought my “goat” was to write about my travel experiences. Then I thought my goat was to make people laugh via my podcast. Then I thought it was sharing powerful philosophies & metaphysical ideas through my Sci-Fi novels. (I expect I’ll return to that next year.) Then I thought it was to show the power of following your intuition, growing trust in the universe, and sharing a story of growth in a beautiful place.

Each of my books have received many 5-star reviews. But what if all of these are just precursors to something I’m being led to?

There are many dreams that I enjoy having. Ideally, I would travel and have a popular podcast and be a traveling speaker and write about it, too.

I have these urges to create things, and often it goes well. But lately I’ve been having the urge to tie them all together. I want to come to a Grand Unified Theory of what the heck I’m doing. I want every part of my work to support every other part.

Even more, I want to know the nature of reality… and master it.

And somehow, a part of me feels like I’ve never been so close to a breakthrough than I am right now.

Like the protagonist in a hero’s journey, I want to gain that knowledge and then bring it back to help all. I don’t want to merely entertain people; I want to inspire them to take action, to think differently, to realize that they are part of a singularity. There is no separation. We hear this all of the time, but how many of us actually deeply FEEL it? All of the so-called esoteric teachings point to the same truths: Now IS the moment of power. Energy DOES flow where attention goes. And Effectiveness IS the measure of truth. And that’s just the start.

Maybe the best I can hope for is that I provide a fresh spin on old truths that are always and ever the same. After all, when it comes to sharing ideas, what else is there? Objective truth doesn’t change; these truths are timeless…

I move across town tomorrow, and as I move, I’ll be taking stock of more than just my possessions. I truly want a fresh start.

I want to connect with uplifting people like you, dear follower, in more and more powerful and profound ways. I want to think about my work in a new way. I want to cultivate an inspiring, open, loving environment, within *and* without. I want to do it not just for me, but for everyone. And I have a secret list of projects and ideas I’m going to implement, some of which that came through during meditation. Surprised?

Because when I’m in a place where my needs are met, I can better serve everyone around me; I can more effectively BE the change that I wish to see, on this island and on the entire planet, for the highest good of all.

So THANK YOU for coming along this journey with me. It’s getting better all the time. Mahalo, Malama Aina, Malama Pono. 😌

Pink Cotton Candy Hawaiian Clouds and My Vision for the Future

“What you are basically, deep deep down, far far in, is simply, the fabric and structure of existence itself.” ~ Alan Watts

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