Photo: My Vision for TEN THOUSAND HOURS IN PARADISE Hawaii Memoir

As I edit TEN THOUSAND HOURS IN PARADISE, I’m getting really excited about how you’ll react when you read it; how it will inspire everyone it touches.

It’s about Hawaii yes, but it’s really about our relationship to the planet 🌎, to others 🤝, and to life itself ❤️ — I truly feel that, with proper watering & care, this book will be a seed that will EXPLODE with growth and impact next year. Everything I’ve ever written brought me, prepared me, to write this 3-volume true story. — I feel as though I have a gift to share with you, like I’ve found a great gem inside of my heart, but I must polish it first. When you finally hold it next year, I don’t want you to be able to look away.

(Thanks to my Hawaii friends Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato, The Locavore Store, Conscious Culture Cafe, etc for ALL that you do — I’m working on a way to promote your businesses in the book while maintaining anonymity for all “characters” in the story — thinking about a recommended businesses page in the front of the book, what do you think? It’s a win/win/win, good for the environment, local economy, and my friends!)

Fountain in Olbrich Botanical Garden Thai Pavilion