0201: Interview with Sean Crowne & Ashley Campbell, Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato – Part 1

Sean Crowne, Ashley Campbell, and Nico dog in Hawaii

Sean, Ashley, and Nico the Dog!

UPDATE: In the intervening years since this interview came out, my old podcast, Aravinda Show, has been retired. To listen to this classic episode, see the episode list over at the podcast page →

Welcome to Season 2 of the Aravinda Show!

To start this season off, I was honored to interview Sean and Ashley, founders of Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato. In this interview, we get to hear about their remarkable meeting in New York, landing on the wrong island (that turned out to be right), bootstrapping their business, and growing it to where it is today.

For season two, I’m interviewing conscious entrepreneurs: business owners who are conscious of their impact on their community, the environment, and the planet; and I can’t think of a better couple to start with. Even if their gelato didn’t taste even MORE delicious than ice cream, I would have interviewed them because they just have a wonderful energy; you can really tell they radiate the Aloha Spirit.

Update: PART 2 has been posted!

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Show Notes

  1. Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato website: NicocoHawaii.com
  2. Follow Nicoco Gelato on Instagram (beautiful photos, I dare you to look away): Instagram.com/NicocoHawaiianGelato/
  3. Their lovely 1972 Mustang Convertible mentioned in the podcast:
    Sean on 1972 Mustang Convertible
  4. The Locavore Store website: BigIslandLocavoreStore.com
  5. Filthy Farm Girl Soap website: shop.FilthyFarmgirl.com