Sample: Nicoco Hawaiian Gelato interview

Sean Crowne, Ashley Campbell, and Nico dog in Hawaii

Sean, Ashley, and Nico the Dog!

My podcast just had a MAJOR RELAUNCH.

For season 2, I’m interviewing conscious entrepreneurs & I’m kicking it off with two of my favorites, Sean & Ashley, founders of Nicoco & their incredible growth over the last 6 years, starting from farmers markets to now having their product in major stores around the islands.

In this rare interview, we get to hear about their remarkable meeting in New York, landing on the “wrong” island that turned out to be right, bootstrapping their business, and seeing it grow to where it is today. These folks have just a wonderful energy; you can really tell they radiate the Aloha Spirit.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of this interview, when we’ll hear Ashley’s side of the story.

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