Photo: Amber Lily & Tubby Love concert at Space and Light in Hilo, HI

β€œWhen you’re young, playing drums is immediately satisfying ’cause whether or not you know how to play anything, the bottom line is that you’re pounding on something, so you’re happy about it.”
~ Chris Cornell

Last week, Space and Light hosted a lovely Amber Lily & Tubby Love concert. πŸ’— They were wonderful and attracted a group of great people. Love intimate performances like this; thanks to everyone involved, including Ryan Lewis, creator of the space! Definitely an inspiration 🌺✨

Amber Lily and Tubby Love concert at Space and Light in Hilo, HI

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Photo: Vegan Potluck at Onekahakaha

Today I’m reflecting on my #VeganFam here on Hawai’i. Also, can you spot the #ActionMemoir? πŸ“™

We do monthly potlucks at various parks, and on June 15 there will be a fun festival with lots of delicious, #PlantBased cuisine! πŸ€ Check out to learn more. Or, if you like Hawaii Adventure stories, checkout the link in my profile to get 4 chapters of my new book for free. 🀠 Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise just got another 5-star review yesterday, and I continue to be floored and totally honored by the response that this series has been receiving β€” so much gratitude! πŸ’—

Vegan Potluck at Onekahakaha

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