Photo: Ocean Power by Cape Kumukahi

When was the last time you contemplated, REALLY contemplated, the quintillions of molecules that make up our ONE magnificent ocean?

When was the last time you contemplated it’s true power?

(From a video I shot near #CapeKumukahiLighthouse a few weeks ago, before I moved)

#luckywelivehawaii #kapoho #bigislandhikes #slowmovideo

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Photo: 3 Peaks Panorama, Oahu, Hawaii

I feel so blessed to be living in this time, in this place. Sometimes the best thing one can do is to let partial matches go, to realize that a 70% match is really a zero.

The resulting void is a beautiful void, and if one stays in alignment with their values, a better match is the natural result. It’s almost like physics but for attitudes and belief frames.
⁣What frames have been working for you lately?

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