Photo: Even Hurricane Lane can’t stop Made in Hawaii Film Festival!

Wow, what a day. Despite flood warnings brought on by Hurricane Lane, over 300 people showed up on Saturday for the Made In Hawaii Film Festival!

I had the honor of being able to volunteer, help with various things, see some incredible films, but more importantly to meet some incredibly creative, talented, and hard-working humans. It was such a delight hanging out with Maggie VandenBerghe, Brian L Tan, Laura Loci, Bella O’Toole, Branscombe Richmond, Sara Naby Kim, Christina Stetson and more that I’m sure I’m spacing on (even Sean Crowne & Ashley Campbell made an appearance) 🌺

Thanks to Ryan Lewis for hosting the Filmmaker Lounge over at Space & Light and The Palace Theater for hosting the event! It was the perfect venue. And of course, it was a delight working with Zoë Eisenberg & Phil Payson — they organized a miraculous film festival in the face of a hurricane, and I think it’s a sign of what’s to come ♥️

Even Hurricane Lane can't stop Made in Hawaii Film Festival

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