Hurricane Iselle makes landfall! @ South Pahoa, Puna, Big Island Hawaii video

Have you ever experienced a hurricane?

I have. (Or at the very least, a hurricane that was downgraded to a tropical storm just moments after landfall.)

It was on a fateful night, a Thursday if I remember correctly, when I was living in south Puna on the Big Island. In this edited sequence of videos, I show how Puna grew more and more chaotic the closer it got, until it finally hit just after 8PM Hawaii time.


Later, I learned that Hurricane Iselle made was the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii in recorded history, downing tens of thousands of invasive Albizia trees along Pohoiki Road and all around the island.

If that intrigues you, you’ll love my footage of the aftermath: Hurricane Iselle Destruction BEFORE & AFTER video

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