Photo: Ram Dass quote about Freedom & Kilauea Iki Trail

“It slowly has been dawning on me… that the game wasn’t to be high, the game was to be free. And free meant you couldn’t push anything away and you couldn’t grab at anything. There was nowhere to stand, and there was nowhere *not* to stand. And that all the things I had pushed away, I was going to have to take the curriculum sooner or later.
⁣ … It’s interesting that as long as you identify with your personality, the things that get you uptight are your enemies. The minute you identify with your awareness, then the things that get you uptight show you where your awareness still has sticky fingers. Most of us with the mind because your mind deals with polarities, you feel that if you’re happy, you’re not sad, and you want to be happy so you push away that which makes you sad.
⁣But if you’re going to be free, there’s nothing you can turn away from or turn off. If you live fully in this moment, does this moment include that baby it’s taking its last breath from starvation? Yeah. So are you sad? Yes. Does it include the baby taking its first breath as it comes out of its mother’s womb, and the joy of the beginning? Yes. So you’re happy. But if you are the fullness of the moment, all of it, these are ALL your voices.
⁣If you and I are to be free, there is nothing we can push away.”

~ Ram Dass

(from my favorite documentary “Becoming Nobody”) #luckywelivehawaii #kilaueaikitrail #hawaiivolcanoesnationalpark

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