How Walt Disney Created a Positive Spiral (Inspirational Quote Poster)

In the last article, we discussed how beneficial it is to reflect the attitude that the Master Creators hold by being aligned with passion when we create; and how creative output, when produced this way, tends to be much more impactful and relevant.

Today I’d like to share with you a visual summary of that message, a high-rez image that can be printed out or used as a desktop wallpaper.

Behold! Walt Disney’s famous words:

“We don’t make movies to make money,
we make money to make more movies.”
~ Walt Disney


So beautiful in its simplicity. So rewarding to contemplate.

I won’t lie to you, it takes a lot of effort to get to that place in your own life, but it’s one of the most worthwhile accomplishments you can ever make.

As I said in the last InspirationEverywhere entry, it’s important that you be patient with yourself and remember that everyone is a work in progress. Along that journey of self-improvement, Disney’s words serve as a useful guide of what it really feels like to be aligned with your passion.

What Disney is really describing here is his company’s alignment with three things: what they enjoy doing, what work they feel is important, and what other people enjoy.

Let’s deconstruct that for a minute. If Disney didn’t enjoy what he was doing, he wouldn’t really care about making movies that exemplified timeless lessons. If he didn’t feel that the messages could benefit people, he wouldn’t create movies at all. And if other people didn’t enjoy the movies, he simply wouldn’t have the resources to make more.

A Positive Spiral

Walt Disney Quote - We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.

Another way to describe being truly aligned with passion is the idea of a positive spiral.

If you were doing the work you really loved (and that fed/clothed you), you’d allow yourself really dive into that work, wouldn’t you? And what would happen to your skill level?

You would improve in that work, wouldn’t you? Which means your level of contribution would increase, which would in turn increase the amount of people who benefitted from your work. And this would increase your income, thereby freeing you up more and more to increase the quality of your creative output. This is the positive creative spiral: a place of alignment and congruency with who you truly are.

Today, make it your aim to create a positive spiral in your own life. To help facilitate this process, you can print this poster out and put it somewhere you’ll see it, so you can be reminded of his message everyday: Disney Quote – “We don’t make movies to make money…”

The poster of this quote is in the InspirationEverywhere Motivational Quotes album.

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  1. Great quote and message!
    This world needs more positivity!

  2. That’s a good quote. I think it can also accurately describe non-profits. They don’t ask for donations so that they can make money…they ask for donations so they can continue providing community services.

  3. creative quote dude, i like your article it very informative

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