0102: Michael Coorlim on Taoism, Sleep Paralysis, & The Creative Trance

Michael Coorlim author pic

Michael Coorlim

UPDATE: In the intervening years since this interview came out, my old podcast, Aravinda Show, has been retired. To listen to this classic episode, see the episode list over at the podcast page →

In this episode, I had the pleasure of having a long, candid conversation with indie-author Michael Coorlim, covering an impressive array of topics.

He’s the author of over a dozen novels and shorter works, spanning from apocalyptic, to supernatural, to steampunk, and beyond. A huge thanks to Michael for being up for this interview and sharing some of his afternoon with me. He was a truly gracious guest, sharing a wealth of time-tested advice.

This episode is the first recorded with my brand new Samson mic, as well as the first mastered with Logic X. So it only gets better from here.

Topics Addressed

  • Doubling down on the skills you already have
  • Why Intelligence = Art
  • Recognizing authors in public
  • Taoism and a Syncretic Belief system
  • An especially lucid description of Divination
  • Michael’s experiences with Night Hag Syndrome (aka. Sleep Paralysis)
  • Think of yourself as a 1-Person business
  • How to manage Beta-Readers
  • How Mailchimp helps authors (a one-time ad-esque conversation)
  • And the Optimal Pattern to release books (in an ideal world)

Show Notes

Michael’s Writing Podcast recommendations:

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Explore more of Michael’s projects:

  1. Michael’s website: http://mcoorlim.com
  2. Michael’s upcoming audio-drama podcast, Synesthesia Theatre: http://burningbrigid.com/synesthesia-theatre/
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