Photo: Who cares if you’ve mastered the art of satisfaction? Abraham Hicks quote

“But who cares where you are, if you’re satisfied while you’re going? Who cares what you’re doing if you’ve mastered the art of satisfaction? …Everything you want is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it, and we are here to say to you you’ve got to find a way to feel better in the NOT having it BEFORE it can come. You’ve got to find a way to feel satisfied, otherwise the big stuff will never come to you. …But if you can feel that thrill of satisfaction pouring through you, even if there’s not yet any evidence of it, and you can just FEEL the Universe at your back, assisting you, feeding thoughts to you, giving you ideas of timing…

That feeling of satisfaction will grow from mild satisfaction to the ECSTASY of being the creator of your own Reality, being in control of your own destiny being the uplifter that you were born to be. …In time, you will say, it was never about the money, it was always about the way you feel. But now I’ve got so much money I don’t know what to do with it. It was always about the satisfaction, and I learned to find it. I learned to find it anyway.”

~ Abraham Hicks 2018.08.18

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