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Well guys, I finally did it. I finally SPICED UP my free book starter pack! I’m actually VERY excited about getting this done cuz it contains a remastered 2022 version of my dark Sci-Fi novella “The Loveliest Abyss in the Universe”, with New Art AND it also includes the first 5 chapters of #TenThousandHoursInParadise, my #TrueHawaii adventure story that’s received over 400 POSITIVE ratings on Amazon 🔥

And if you bought a copy of any of my novels during the sale this month… SUPER gratitude and Mahalo to you! 🌺 Seriously, it’s such an honor that you enjoy my ideas and stories.

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And yeah, you can unsubscribe anytime, but my updates are so fun it’s actually pretty rare 😉

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HOLIDAY Tropical Sci-Fi Giveaway!

You’ve probably seen my #TrueHawaii series, but before that, I wrote a #TropicalSciFi trilogy inspired by the #BigIsland of Hawaii, #OutOfBodyExperiences, #GlobalMythology, an much more. I believe in storytelling’s ability to inspire (even heal) especially in these wild times — & in 3 weeks, I’M GIVING AWAY THE ENTIRE TRILOGY.
⁣Yes, one lucky prize winner will receive all 3 novels, which have received 100s of reviews on Amazon, etc. And EVERY person who enters WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL SURPRISE. I won’t spoil the surprise; you’ll just have to enter and see!
⁣Again, just make sure you’re following me and comment with 3 @usernames in the comments below (remember the @ sign!) and you’re in! Entering also really helps spread the impact of these books and means a lot to me. Mahalo!️ ~Andrew 🌺

⁣⁣Kindle, ePub, & PDFs of:
• The Truth Beyond the Sky
• The Island on the Edge of Forever
• The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion

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⁣⁣This Giveaway will close Jan 15th, the 40th anniversary of #LLResearch’s RA contact, a breakthrough that resulted in the Ra Material books — a big inspiration for this trilogy!
⁣⁣⁣“I love this series of books! The wording is astonishing and hits you in your heart and mind beyond anything I have read to date. I deeply thank the author for these great books and I look forward to anymore he makes. 5-stars.” ~Mariesa M.
⁣“…The descriptive scenes captivate the imagination and one truly feels a part of the story. 5 stars!”
⁣“I absolutely love the Galaxy Mr. Crusoe created. And his characters are easy to get to know, and likable. Can’t wait to find out what happened to Oonak!” ~Stephen Faupel
⁣“Crusoe has a talent…integrating deep metaphysical concepts with some very original and creative science fiction.”
~Austin Bridges [LL Research]
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