Photo: Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise Volumes 1 & 2 paperbacks

“I bought this book directly from the author at Uncle Roberts market…To be honest, I did not expect such well-written material, and I never write reviews…so, that tells you this material is exceptional. The author is engaging, genuine, and weaves a wonderful story of his adventures on the Island. After being on the Island, it was like a 2nd adventure for me to read about the places I visited. I highly recommend this extremely entertaining book, and I found I looked forward to every night when it was my reading time…when I finished, I immediately wanted more. Expectantly awaiting Volume 2!” ~ M. Arney

The above review outlines a big reason why I love what I do. Much GRATITUDE to everyone who joined me for my book launch last week. Volume 1 is still discounted on Kindle! (As well as EVERY major book seller→ )

Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise Volumes 1 and 2 paperbacks

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