Photo: Thoughts on Waikiki Aquarium and my happiest moments

I ask myself: What could be more POWERFUL than joyful, RADIANT creativity? ️

I feel the answer is nothing. I’ve been reflecting on all of the places I’ve been this year, like these glimpses of the #WaikikiAquarium, and all of the places I have yet to explore, like the French Riviera, and I hold such gratitude 💗

Reviewing my 2022 journal entries recently was a real trip, and I came across an entry where I’d listed the happiest moments of my life. All of them had 1 element in common: Connection. Whether it was with a newborn (my brother) or a beloved one. In those moments I felt at ONE with the universe and ideas; and I swam within inspiration and remembered who I was. We’re getting back to that now.

And this year, I’m feeling a new story coming thru that, in the telling, I hope it helps You tap into this energy too ️

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Photo: Favorite me for a bonus

Greetings friends! Have you seen this feature yet??? Guess what, if you add me to your favorites, I will send you a link to a FULL free #TropicalSciFi novel! Get your free book in 3 easy steps! 🤩

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