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Greetings friends! Have you seen this feature yet??? Guess what, if you add me to your favorites, I will send you a link to a FULL free #TropicalSciFi novel! Get your free book in 3 easy steps! 🤩

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Then DM me a screenshot and I’ll pass along a SECRET LINK where you can download your book and start reading instantly. I’ve never done this before, but I’m feeling the intuitive nudge 🌺 Hugs from Oahu!

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Alan Watts once said that the literal translation of Nirvana (libration) was “WHEW!” — Kinda feels like we all just said “Whew,” doesn’t it?
I’ll keep this one short, but in case you missed it, I’m giving away my #TropicalSciFi trilogy, now with over 150 glowing reviews on the 1st book alone, it’s inspired by the #BigIsland, #OutOfBodyExperiences

⁣⁣EVERY person who enters WILL RECEIVE A FULL EBOOK! 🥳
⁣Just make sure you’re following me and comment with 3 @usernames in the comments below (remember the @ sign!) and YOU’RE IN! Entering also really helps spread the impact of these books & means a lot to me. Mahalo! ~Andrew

⁣⁣Kindle, ePub, & PDFs of:
* The Truth Beyond the Sky
* The Island on the Edge of Forever
* The Mirage on the Brink of Oblivion

1. Follow me: @HelloCrusoe
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⁣⁣This Giveaway will close Feb 12th, the Chinese New Year.(I’ve extended it to give you more time to enter!)
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