Photo: Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of ASCENDANT Episode 7

Here’s a glimpse of 2019. For my first-ever #ThrowbackThursday, I’m sharing this little glimpse into the experience of my car accident. Curious what happened? I share the whole story on #ASCENDANTpodcast which you can find at the link in my profile. It’s a harrowing, miraculous story, and I share it all in Episode 7 of ASCENDANT, which went up just last week!

Thankfully, I recovered well, and since the court case has been all settled for a while now, it felt like a good time. So before you comment and ask if I’m OK, I’ve been very okay for over a year now. I still have anxiety that could be related to it (having #PostConcussiveSyndrome was no joke!) but I’m basically right as rain these days.

So head on over to the Podcasts page, and checkout this episode of ASCENDANT for the wild story →

p.s. I’ve actually had to crop this photo because parts of it felt too gory to share on Instagram. And this is just *part* of my face! Good thing I have resilient skin. I’m very lucky in a lot of ways, which will become clear when you hear the story…

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