Podcast LIVE at Sparrenburg Castle: Artist Kiki Kalahari on Going Independent 🎨

Today, I have a pretty spontaneous episode to share with you, directly from #SparrenburgCastle! I got the chance to interview my brilliant artist-friend Kiki Kalahari about her cute shop (featuring #recycledmaterials), her inspirations as an artist, and her journey to owning her own business. (Hint: it involves hating getting up in the morning.) We also drop some rocks down a 63-meter-deep well. (Listen to find out why.)

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Vlog: Human BEING – Just Human-ing

A little #vlog experiment today. Join me on my #roundtheworldADVENTURE. Istanbul next! And be sure to subscribe to #ASCENDANTpodcast So you don’t miss out on any of the remarkable guests I have coming up 🌞 #humanbeingnothumandoing

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