Podcast: Jamie Catto Becomes Nobody & Invents Sanskrit 🎸

Today I’m SO excited to share a powerful interview with @JamieCatto, full of #ALIVENESS, hilarious tales of *inventing* Sanskrit, and stories from behind the scenes of his breakout @BabaRamDass documentary #BecomingNobody! Just head over to the Ascendant podcast page or click one of the buttons below.

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If you aren’t familiar, Jamie is a founding member of the world-music project #1GiantLeap, a remarkable weaving of the musical traditions of dozens of countries, author of “Insanely Gifted,” and so much more.

Also, in the aftershow, we learn WHY the UFOs haven’t landed yet. 🛸 Jamie also gives some great advice to newer filmmakers and artists, and explains how to let go of the social media madness! All of that is available to my Patreon supporters over at Patreon.com/HelloCrusoe! At just $5 a month, you get ALL of my past aftershow, plus 3 FULL Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise audiobooks!

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Because when you travel the world, your view of life might change 🐢 Enjoy! Just head over to the Ascendant podcast page or search for ASCENDANT wherever you get your podcasts!

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