2 Thoughts on 1 Year of COVID-19

Thought 1: When the pandemic started I never really thought that it would linger for over a year; I didn’t want to believe it. But the #SpanishFlu was in the back of my mind, and that pandemic lasted at least 18 months.
⁣Thought 2: I’m trying to see the silver lining, not just in these beautiful nightblooms that I took several months ago, but that we have an opportunity to destigmatize #MentalHealth concerns in a bigger way than ever before! Because, IMHO, this pandemic has certainly helped bring mental health issues to the forefront. I don’t think we will really understand the full impact of 2020 for many years. And frankly I think it’s affected us psychologically in ways that we don’t entirely appreciate or are fully aware of yet. But healing is ahead ️
⁣So please: reach out to people you haven’t talk to you for a while. Call that person that you’re thinking of. And if you’re in a low-risk area like Hawaii, even hug that person, if you feel safe. Life can feel pretty lonely, even if it’s not a pandemic, so try to be patient and loving with yourself and those around you.

Take time for self-care. I love you. Aloha. #luckywelivehawaii #nofilter

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