Photo: HoloHoloTime is BACK with a magic mushroom story & so much more

Aloha 🌺 How are you? Stuck inside? Whilst you’re staying home, listen to the NEW episode of #HoloHoloTime! A CONSCIOUS conversation about #MagicMushrooms 🍄 & relationships recorded on the island of Hawai’i! LISTEN HERE→

For this ep, we meet Krüñçhí’s friend Rory and hear about his incredible, psychedelic journey from Scotland to America to Hawaii. We delve DEEP into why modern marriage may be broken and some new ways to approach healthy relationships of all kinds.

Recorded DEEP in the heart of #Kalapana on the edge of the Big Island of Hawaii… Tune in for part 2, later this month 💗 LISTEN NOW→

And, PLEASE SHARE the post about this episode! It REALLY helps support this work. Mahalo for all that you do. We’re going to get through this 💪🍀

HoloHoloTime is BACK with a magic mushroom story and so much more

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Photo: Best Nine of 2019

What a year. Even though I got hit by a car, I somehow managed to launch two books in 2019. And that was only the beginning. If you shared the island with me at any point in 2019, thank you. 💗

Now let’s create a 2020 that’s even more compassionate, honest, loving, patient, and ABUNDANT Good things in store. Can you feel it? 💪

Best Nine Photos of 2019

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