Photo: Vegan Potluck in Hilo

Events update! My friends & I are hosting a #VeganPotluck here in Hilo tomorrow at 1PM til pau. All chill people welcome! Interested? Message me!

ALS0: I’m hosting a YouTube Live #AMA at 3PM Hawai’i Time! Just go here, and we’ll have a fun 70 min or so! #VegansUnite #HawaiiVegans #HawaiiPotluck

(The photo is of our previous potluck in June!)

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Photo: Vegan Potluck at Onekahakaha

Today I’m reflecting on my #VeganFam here on Hawai’i. Also, can you spot the #ActionMemoir? 📙

We do monthly potlucks at various parks, and on June 15 there will be a fun festival with lots of delicious, #PlantBased cuisine! 🍀 Check out to learn more. Or, if you like Hawaii Adventure stories, checkout the link in my profile to get 4 chapters of my new book for free. 🤠 Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise just got another 5-star review yesterday, and I continue to be floored and totally honored by the response that this series has been receiving — so much gratitude! 💗

Vegan Potluck at Onekahakaha

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