Photo: Tropical Sci-Fi Trilogy available at Basically Books in Hilo

Very happy to announce that Basically Books once again has my #TropicalSciFi trilogy in stock! I feel so thankful to live in a town that has such fantastic bookstores who are friendly to #LocalAuthors. 💚

Reviews left in the last month:

“Loved the whole book. Very captivating. Want to read more. Great companions formed, love and life found and lost, epic. Just a great read all around. I will be buying the next two books in the series. Can’t wait to read more.” — Steven H. Michaelsen ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Excellent read. I enjoyed it very much. Need to follow up on sequels.” — Dennis W. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Gave the book a 5-star rating because it put me in a fascinating world. I misplaced my kindle and thought I’d never find it again. The angels of the Universe knew that I had a responsibility to tell them about this book. There is a need for all to read this book, so that they too can find their place in this great universe. May the spirits be with you.” — D.D. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Tropical Sci-Fi Trilogy available at Basically Books in Hilo

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Love books? Love Hawai’i? Well I wrote the true adventure story just for you. And TOMORROW I'll be doing a reading and an ebook giveaway! It's a free event, so why not stop by BasicallyBooks & say Hi ☺️

WHERE: Basically Books, Hilo, HI
WHEN: May 18, 12–1:30PM

Reading followed by ebook giveaway.

TEASER from the back cover:

Even five months on the Big Island can change you forever. Being invited to visit the fiery home of Madame Pele, getting scared half-to-death by a UFO hovering over a lava field, and manifesting a blue feather out of thin air has that effect.

Yet Andrew’s most powerful transformation was still ahead.

A routine hitchhiking trip into town brings a new person into Andrew’s life that just might have the perfect opportunity for him. His new friend is a volunteer at a Vipassana meditation center. She invites him to join her on a 10-day silent meditation course and then live near the meditation center afterward, doing a very different kind of work-trade than he’s ever done.

Andrew accepts and plunges into an intense experience, delving deeper into his mind and body than ever before, unearthing trauma that he thought he had healed long ago. In the process, a profound realization hits him and propels him into a new chapter of his life.

In this book, Andrew dives deep into a life-changing Vipassana meditation course, gains a new perspective on unrequited love, and is wished “Happy Birthday” from a man beyond the grave.

Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise Tribulations book launch photo

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