Photo: Siri is back! Checkout her art & my Hawaii-inspired books, every Wednesday

My friend Siri is back from vacation! Like nothing has changed… except for the feathers 😉 Come check out her creations & my Hawaii-inspired books TONIGHT at Uncle Robert’s Night Market in Kalapana, HI!

It’s the only place to get my books signed by the author and personalized to your taste. So stop by and make a memory that will last for years 🌺

Siri Christine peeking at me from across her table at Uncle Roberts Night Market

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Photo: Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise: Arrival reaches #1 in two categories

Feeling so grateful & excited that “Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise: Arrival” hit #1 in 2 categories during its free giveaway this week! 🌺

Mahalo nui to everyone who signed up for my newsletter this week, as well! I have some great giveaways and announcements coming up soon 📚 And don’t forget to leave a review of the book when you finish it. It really helps the book get more traction & reach more and more people.

Mahalo nui nui! Thanks again for being some of the best readers I could ask for. 🌺

Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise: Arrival reaches number 1 in TWO categories

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