Ode to the Travelling Soul poem

Below is a poem written when I was “in the flow”. Often when someone is in the flow, their work is at balance between too challenging and not challenging enough.

Being in the flow is the optimal creative state, and working in the flow allows the unconscious mind to have a more active role in the creation. Before I published this poem I renewed my perspective by sleeping on it, and this was very helpful. Even the smallest details can dramatically change the whole.

I dedicate this poem to all travelling souls, and therefore all people on this planet, for in this life there is no place that one can permanently rest their head.

Come with me to the unseen,
A place where you have never been.
Where stars collide and birds rush by,
Where brave men fight for things and die,
Where women cry and children lie,
Where pain persists and all ask, “why!”

Experience these and so much more,
In such a place beyond this shore.
Into deep sands of ocean rock,
Behold a land where myst’ries flock,
And things will open if you knock,
All but a part of destined shock.


Be not afraid, young seeking mind,
For if you look, you’ll surely find,
Beyond that path, oft cruel, unkind,
Lies Shangri-La beyond mankind.
A life that many see maligned,
Through western lenses, so refined.

What path to choose, oh seeking soul?
What consider you to be your goal?
What in your heart do you define,
As truth so rare and so divine?
Is truth a feeling you design?
Or something more that others find?


Consider your life, oh restless soul,
Consider just what can make you whole.
Remember, truth springs beyond time,
Pouring from places, defined sublime,
Where angels weep for the men who lie,
Where helpers comfort women who cry –

Where guides are sent to those who die,
Where answers follow all the whys,
Where learning opens every eye,
Where stars are born and grow and shine –

I’ll meet you there,
I’ll take you there,
I’ll love you there,
Beyond our sky.

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  2. Thank you very much, Maria and Karly.
    At times I felt I was channeling it. 🙂

  3. Wonderful poem. I read this at my fathers service! He was a great travellor and has taken his last grand trip from this world, I thank you.