The Fiery Tiger’s Jubilee poem

Sometimes things take a while to trickle down.

At times, only the medium of poetry can best describe how one is feeling at a given moment. The following is a revised version of a poem I wrote for a fellow traveller who departs for Norway “today”, depending on your time zone. I decided I would share this travel poem with the greater community.

i was not there
but i can imagine…

cheers, hugs, and dancing!
costumes, discussions, and a swan
all your friends just prancing
in a farewell jubilee lasting ’til dawn

soon your well-weathered feet will take you
across the blue world unto snow
another opportunity, to reunite
with someone, whose presence makes you glow

as for myself
my travels have not been so far yet
can my experiences truly compare?
so i wonder sometimes
and i reflect to myself
how does one survive anew over there?

how does one adapt, acclimatize, acculturate?
when their surroundings are entirely changed?
though I’ve been to Mexico for a week once before
hiking in Norway isn’t nearly the same

best of luck, fiery tiger
may your stripes never fade
and may life, through whatever path you proceed
in the most perfect time
as the clocks start to chime
forever bring you the lessons you most need

3 bits on The Fiery Tiger’s Jubilee poem

  1. Hey thanks! This is really nice of you. I depart tonight. My head is spinning.

  2. You’re welcome!

    When I first began composing that email to you, I was going to write it in prose, but I thought I’d try something different. From there, the poem seemed to write itself. I’m glad you like it, and I hope it inspires others, too.