A Strange Desert Flower (Traveller Poem)

The desert can change you. If you let it.

Even though it was nearly November when I arrived in Las Vegas, a surprising number of desert plants were in bloom, their radiant colors speckled across the rocky landscape. In light of this, I’ve written a poem about the beauty I found, and a surprising similarity that I only realized much later.

We rise above red granite
Blooming under desert stars
Now thriving on solid ground
Our petals red as Mars

A weary traveller draws near
And admires us for a while
Watching bees in pollination
We see he can’t help but smile

We rise above red granite
Yet our blooms are sadly fleeting
Our time short upon this planet
The season is retreating

A weary traveller departs
What is his unending quest?
Is it his way of improving?
Perhaps loose roots are blessed

We rise above red granite
Did he grasp our unique powers?
Ever changing, always moving
What a strange Desert Flower

Yellow & Red Desert flowers

Bee inside Yellow desert flower

Bee in Orange Desert flower

Orange desert blooms and green leaves

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Marco appears in all 6 photos in the accompanying photo gallery. If you’re new to the “Where’s Marco” game, it’s similar to “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy”, and it’s totally fun!

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I explore one more landmark in Las Vegas before I continue onward to Denver: The legendary Red Rock Canyon. And in the process, I found more perspective than I bargained for:

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Glimpse of Big Sur: Sunset Timelapse Video

When was the last time you saw a sunset? I mean really saw it.

Have you ever seen the last morsel of the sun slowly dip below a watery horizon?

If you never have, I hope that today’s video will help you imagine what it’s like to see in the flesh (since a video can never do a sunset justice).

You see, as we followed the Pacific Coast Highway back up north to the Bay Area of California, the sun began to set over the ocean just to our left, creating a stunning sight. It was so beautiful that we had to stop and use our cameras one last time before we left the Big Sur area. The result is a video I’ve named “Big Sur, Big Sunset.” (And it comes with 3 haiku!)

The funny part is, I didn’t even plan that my sunset photos would become a video, but they were similar enough that I was able to create time lapse using the photos that often looks as though it’s actual video footage of the sunset. And this worked out perfectly because the camera I had couldn’t take HD video at all, so this method was the only way I could get true HD video as a result. (To see the video in HD, head over to “Big Sur, Big Sunset” on YouTube and choose 720p.)

Painting made of light
Look! Just enough clouds to see
Fires in the Sky

Distant Fireball
Racing below horizon
Last flicker of day

Seeing day’s last breath
The Sun slips quickly away
Farther suns appear

Next: Pier 39, Chinatown, & San Francisco Explorations

Before I actually went and wandered the streets myself, I never realized how dynamic and incredible San Francisco can truly be. And as it turned out, I’d picked just about the perfect day to begin my San Francisco explorations, and not just because it felt like a parade was thrown in my honor… but we’ll get to that…

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To see all videos, see the YouTube page. (Thanks to Laserlong for providing their song “Moon & Sunset” for use via MusicAlley.com)