Stunning San Francisco lights @ Twin Peaks Vista video

And we’re back.

I’ve been formulating some plans and planning some formulations lately, some of which are about this blog.

I’m considering putting this blog on hiatus once I finish editing and uploading all of my Hawaii videos. What do you think? Would you miss this site? Serious question, because I’m finding myself drawn to simplifying my life. No doubt that you are aware that most of my focus is going toward MYTH.LI these days and the upcoming books in the Mythic Sci-Fi series.

Anywho, if you have any thoughts about that, or today’s video, please use the Facebook comments below, or you can contact me directly.

Today’s video is a little break from Hawaii. This one is all about Twin Peaks, an awesome hill right in the middle of San Francisco!

The view from Twin Peaks is one of the best views of San Francisco that you can get (at least, without renting your own helicopter). And this video was shot at night, highlighting the lovely city lights along Mission.

Enjoy 🙂


Me: Top of Twin Peaks, where you can see the Golden Gate in the distance. And you can see the road we came up on and Market Street. Look real close you can see the Trans-America Pyramid, and you can see the bay. Hard to capture with this, but it’ll give you a little taste. You can just drive right up here!

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