You were Always Truly Safe poem

Today I’d like to share with you something a bit different than I’ve published on this site in a while. Instead of highlighting some aspects of a Place Worth Visiting, I’d like to share with you something I wrote a few days ago (entirely on my iPod touch, I might add) while I was making my way up to Boston. You see, I’m still in travel mode for a while longer, and this limits the time I have to focus solely on writing.

However, with the time I do have, I wrote this short poem I call “Truly Safe”.

When you feel the storm swiftly coming
When you hear wolves howling nearby
Do not fear
Do not cry
For there are greater sounds beyond your ears
And greater sights beyond your eyes

When you see giant waves approach your shore
When the earth fragments beneath your feet
Do not fret
Do not weep
For there is greater stability beyond the Earth
And in truth you were asleep

When you journey far beyond to distant lands
You need not worry about your plans
Someday you’ll awake to realize
That all along
As you marvelled at how the Universe expands
You were always safe
Truly Safe
Cupped in the palm
Of your Creator’s hands

4 bits on You were Always Truly Safe poem

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  2. Oh what an inspirational poem that is…’re quite the writer my friend.
    Thanks so much for sharing that with us. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for this poem. I’m leaving for a trip–just a weekend–and we’re having a pet sitter watch my sweet little bird in our home. We’ve never had our bird stay at home (she usually goes to a boarding facility), but at home is where she’s most comfortable, in her cage with all things familiar. She’s half blind, so we worry about something happening while she’s alone, and I was looking for comfort. Your poem helped me remember the bigger picture, and that God, in whatever form, is looking after her (and all of us). I’m grateful for your poem. Thanks!!!

  4. Danielle,

    I’m so glad that my poem helped you remember the bigger picture. That was its purpose. Thank you so much for telling me how the poem affected you! Your words touched me.

    Enjoy your trip!