Waves Beyond Sand poem

uncounted potential thrives on a mere rock . . .
why only a few harness its promise?
faith required does return its last

melodic dreams bounce beyond this cradle
if caught by sunshine they bring life
glances back still speak to ones ahead
how long before a tree will grow?

enduring devotion lies far too few
why so few embrace its majesty?
time spent reveals lines beyond sand

always writing in sand before waves come
ten fingers rejoice at their castle
yet another monument is sucked back
do all efforts degrade to lost memory?

truth proclaims itself in all souls
why only a handful apply its power?
love eternal points to one moment – – –

my crumbling ivory affirms a choice
behind my shoulder I hear a voice
a ship appears and opens its door
with some hesitance I leave the shore

the door denounces the waves still pounding
our sails arise, new air starts mounting
the ship ascends, land falls away
of where the sand lies now, I cannot say

I wave to waves waving my worlds away ~~~

originally written: 2005.02.06