7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Travel, Ever.

Having been writing articles focused on travel for a while (and gone on many adventures), I feel it’s my responsibility to you, my savvy reader, to tell you something that I’m sure you’ve needed to hear for a while now.

That’s right, today I’d like to share with you the Top 7 reasons why you should NOT travel… ever.

The 7 Reasons

1. You’ll meet people who think differently.

Leaving your home could expose you to people who will think differently than you. This will only challenge and frustrate you. Best to stay in your comfort zone, right?

2. Your schedule will never allow it.

Exposing yourself to a new city would cause you to get lost and waste valuable time. Surely your schedule will never allow it! Besides, what you’ll be doing with each carefully-planned minute of your time tomorrow is clearly more important.

3. You’ll feel discontented.

Visiting a new place could result in you becoming discontented with your lifestyle at home. You may feel like you need to change things such as starting an exercise routine. But who has the time to change their life? You surely don’t, right?

4. You may want to move.

On a similar note, what if you like the place you visit more than your home? Then you may feel you want to move there or do something that would dramatically change your life. This requires energy that you probably don’t have. Again, why bother?

5. Stretching is painful.

Journeying to a new place forces you to get your bearings and explore. And exploring will surely give you new ideas and stretch you. How can this be good? New ideas are dangerous, and you wouldn’t want to stretch your brain, would you? You might give it a sprain!

6. Travel only costs money.

Spending time in a new place only costs money. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to make money while travelling, right? And those that claim to are obviously crazy, so don’t pay attention to them. Stay SAFE.

7. You’ll run into people who challenge you.

You’ll meet “weird” people who may even cause you to question your beliefs and assumptions about life. You may feel that these people are friends, but these people are obviously troublemakers and should be avoided. Do you actually think that others can help you with your problems? Handle everything on your own, and you’ll be better off, right? RIGHT?

In Conclusion

Overall, travelling will expand your perspective, and you aren’t ready for that. You’re comfortable, right? Don’t screw it up by exposing yourself to new places. Networking obviously does not work, so what’s the point of wasting precious time and energy on it?

Don’t thank me for finally opening your eyes.

And just so you know, the idea for this article certainly didn’t come to me from some inspired place of mind. Articles like this only come from hours and hours of painful writing and rewriting, and please do not share this with anyone as it will only probably bother them or make them upset.

And, just to be clear, no reverse psychology was used in this article. 😉

6 bits on 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Travel, Ever.

  1. Lol, I loved your list. Especially the #4.

    I have traveled a bunch and always wanted to move. I had such a hard time going back home. I mean my home is great but who doesn’t love the feeling of sitting on the beach doing nothing for 2 weeks and not having to worry about anything. While at #6…I think that every dollar I have ever spent on my travels were worth it.

  2. Howdy Brankica!

    So glad you enjoyed the list. I’m sure you realize it was all 100% serious. 😉

    Enjoy your holidays!

  3. i don’t agree with this, I think as long as you are safe and plan things out then you can travel and have some great times.

  4. Patrick, is the irony of this article entirely lost on you?
    Did you not see the wink?
    Do you really think I was being completely serious?

  5. I agree with the list number 7. However, I still love to travel if only I had a chance.

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