Byteful Travel Blog Carnival 2 – 2010 Aug

Once again, I’m pleased to present to you with some fantastic travel-related gems from all over the planet!

Below is the 2nd edition of the Byteful Travel blog carnival which spans a delightful variety of travel topics. I’m currently on-assignment on the East Coast, so I don’t have time to say much, but I will say that I’m very happy to report that once again there are some articles with great photography included (including some great glimpses of Paris) and some oddly fascinating video clips, as well. And if you happen to be in this month’s edition, be sure to retweet and stumble this article to get more attention to your own blog. It multiplies the reaching power of this blog carnival very much, and you’d be doing your blog a favor.

But enough talk. Come and explore the farthest reaches of the Earth with me…

Travel Destinations

Jennifer Miner presents:
Top Things to Do in Seattle, Washington posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“There are so many great things to do in Seattle, this “best” list barely scratches the surface! I loved visiting Seattle, and I hope you get the chance to travel there sometime, too.”

Travel Photography

Laura presents:
Milan. Where Nothing Is What It Seems posted at Travelocafe Travel Blog.

Zhu presents:
Sights of Paris (Part I) posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“I’ve been to Paris a thousand of times, as a tourist, a concert-goer, and a student. The only way I can stand the city for more than a few days is by going full tourist mode. In fact, most of the time, I just pretend I don’t speak French. Parisians see me as an idiot but a foreign idiot, so it’s not as bad in their eyes.”

Ryan Murphy presents:
Strange new world posted at Eleven Degrees North, saying,

“I am a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. This post is about my father’s visit to the country earlier this year.”

Travel Stories

Ryan Peligrino presents:
Schengen Visa, St Malo and the French Couple part deux posted at Wandering Pinoy.

Morgan Schwartz presents:
Body Scanners at Eppley Give Suburban Mom a Cheap Thrill posted at All Cracked Up by Vicky DeCoster, saying,

“In between work, errands, and chauffeur service, Moms in Omaha might not have that many opportunities for excitement in their day. One Mom found the new body scanners at Eppley Airport good for a cheap thrill—and a little awkward self reflection.”

Travel Tips

Susan Howe presents:
How to Save Money While Traveling posted at Get Rich Slowly, saying,

“While traveling, there’s no way to escape all those expenses but there are plenty of things you can do to keep your overall costs low. Here are some easy ways to save while traveling.”

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