Byteful Travel Blog Carnival 4 – 2010 Dec 14

As the snow flitters down, so did the blog carnival entries flitter into my inbox.

Welcome to another shiny Byteful Travel Blog Carnival (BTBC, for short) where we discover fresh perspectives from every corner of the globe. (Even the corners that actually have warm weather, not that I’m jealous or anything.)

For this month, I encouraged fellow writers to submit holiday-related articles, and I’m happy to say that a few did just that. The lovely ladies over at The Vacation Gals were prolific, as usual, and I’m glad to say they put together three great travel articles related to this month’s holidays. One is a great piece about the best snowy vacation destinations, and the other two focus on all of the fun things to do in New York City this time of year. Also going with the theme, Jack over at Eyeflare published an article with some great tips on how to survive travel during this holiday season. And all of these should certainly come in handy in the coming few weeks.

Yet this carnival certainly doesn’t stop there. From Enchanted Rock to the World’s Largest Spanish Restaurant, this blog carnival covers the gamut. I was especially delighted that Madeleine Kane submitted some short travel poems that were pretty flippin’ hilarious. (Find out how you too can submit to this carnival farther down.)

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Now let’s dive into the blizzard of words…

Travel Destinations

Jennifer Miner presents:
Best Winter Ski and Snow Vacation Destinations posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“Travel experts weigh in with their recommendations for best winter vacations in chilly destinations. Ski trip, anyone?”

Jennifer Miner presents:
Fun Things to Do NYC Christmas posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“New York City is a great place to spend a Christmas holiday vacation. Here are some fun, family-friendly events for a winter vacation in NYC.”

Jennifer Miner presents:
New Year’s Eve Events in New York City posted at The Vacation Gals, saying,

“Spending your winter holiday in New York City is wonderful. There are several annual New Year’s Eve events to explore before watching the ball drop in Times Square.”

Monique Rubin presents:
The Netherlands City Spotlight – Delft posted at Examiner, saying,

“Delft, with its picturesque canals and gable-roofed houses, is still as pretty as Vermeer’s picture “View of Delft”.”

Traci Suppa presents:
World’s Largest Spanish Restaurant posted at Go BIG or Go Home, saying,

“As we found out on a recent “date night,” the world’s largest Spanish restaurant is not actually in Spain. The 105-year old Columbia Restaurant is the jewel of Ybor City, the Cuban enclave in Tampa, FL.”

David Riggs presents:
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area posted at David Riggs, saying,

“After a wonderful Thanksgiving, it was time for a trip to one of my favorite Texas State Parks, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. I have visited Enchanted Rock many times since high school and the massive granite dome keeps me coming back.”

Travel Photography

Zhu presents:
Sights of Paris (Part I) posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying,

“I think that Paris is resting on its laurels. Because “it’s Paris”, because there are so many sights and because the city was once beautiful and famous, people visit it anyway. Yet locals don’t try to make it welcoming and everything is overpriced. Only in Paris one star hotels at the 7th floor of an old building with toilets outside the room cost €50.00 per night. Only in Paris a sandwich is €10 and a bottle of water as much as €4. And people suck it up — because it’s Paris.”

Travel Poetry

Madeleine Begun Kane presents:
Airing My Airline Gripes posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents:
Pat-Down Put-Down posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

Travel Stories

One Family presents:
One Family’s Blog: Hiking in Oahu – A Trip Report posted at One Family’s Blog.

Nine presents:
Malden, Massachusetts posted at Abyssinia, Henry.

Tim Freeman presents:
Weekend in Rome posted at Madrileño Americano, saying,

“This post chronicles my visit to Rome for a 3 day weekend this fall.”

Travel Tips

Patti Lecron presents:
Step Lightly and Carry and Second Pair posted at A French Education, saying,

“Don’t take traveling light too far!”

Jack Norell presents:
10 holiday travel tips posted at Eyeflare, saying,

“Going away over the holidays? Make sure you pick up some tips from to make the journey easier. 10 top tips to smoothe your holiday season travels.”

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The next carnival is in late February, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your travel articles then. Once again, a big thanks to everyone who submitted!

May your holidays be joyful and your rice pudding be plentiful.

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  1. What a great job you did — as usual! Thanks for hosting this carnival. I really love it.

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  3. Thank you for the opportunity! I’ll be sure to contribute again in the future!

  4. @Jennifer

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I do what I can to create the best carnival I can, like selecting only the best entries, presenting them in a really readable format, and writing an introduction that the articles deserve. And of course, the BTBC wouldn’t exist at all without the amazing travel writers that submit to it.

    Looking forward to seeing more from The Vacation Gals 🙂


    You are very welcome! I really like the personal touch to your writing. Looking forward to seeing more from you next time!