Spin Sideways Toward Sunrise poem

The poem below is has been incubating in me for some weeks now. You might say this poem is a follow-up to Ode to the Travelling Soul and A Flash of Newfound Zen.

Sol over Silk Ocean

Yes, I’ve been to farther skies
Farther skies beyond your eyes
Where birds rush by at the speed of light
Where answers follow all the whys

Oh, I have been on other worlds
Spinning ever-different orbit-curls
Making always-changing whirly-whirls
As this vast galactic sea unfurls

Yet still more worlds are beyond my eyes
Still more adventures beyond those skies
So I say to you, embrace your prize
The Horizon: there you keep your eyes

And keep spinnin’ sideways toward Sunrise.

4 bits on Spin Sideways Toward Sunrise poem

  1. wow very nice pics and poem thanks for sharing it. keep this good job continue.

  2. wow!!!! It really moved me! Keep writing, you are doing great things! And continue to share, please!

  3. Thank you, all of you. I am very glad that the poetry that I feel compelled to compose makes you smile. I apologize for the hiatus I took last year, but it was necessary for research.

    Much is coming in this new year…