A Flash of Newfound Zen poem

Below is a poem that was born during a walk through a snowy landscape. (Incidentally, this is the 100th post on Byteful.com. Thanks to everyone for their comments and support so far! Even after 100 posts, I still feel that I’m just getting started.)

You could say the poem below was written in the same vein as Ode to the Travelling Soul, though perhaps more future-oriented. Can anyone see the deeper meaning?

This poem is best enjoyed while listening to Gobbledigook by Sigur Rós. 😉

Around again on this blue rock
Where doors still open if you knock
Around again on this blue stone
So why do I feel far from home?

Around, again, again, again
The pattern like a curlycue
But does this orbit that I ride
Take me far away from you?

A stone, a ball, a racing sphere
A billion lives and more remain
So many want to drop their fear
And reignite their former flame

Around, again, again, again
We will look back: “see how we grew?”
Within a flash of newfound zen
Together, we shall leave this zoo