Explore Your World While You Still Have Time (The Cosmic Game)

Do you really get it?

Do you have any clue how extraordinary this planet is?

Do you really understand what possibilities exist for your future?

Most people haven’t given themselves the chance to find out, and in my experience, the Art of Travel is the most natural way to come to a new, clearer understanding — to begin to appreciate the majesty of this magnificent planet we casually call “the Earth.”

Tiny Orbiting Bits

Ever since humans have been launching their own tiny artificial satellites into Earth’s orbit, they’ve been taking pictures from that lofty perspective, glimpses of the true scope of the Earth. Today, fruits of their efforts is at your fingertips with services like Google Maps and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. These companies have harnessed the power of satellite imagery, originally used for defense purposes, to allow anyone with an internet connection to explore the Earth in a completely new way.

Grenada Coastline Satellite Photo

Perhaps you’ve played around with one of these services before. Perhaps you’ve used them to get driving directions, but have you ever been excited by a place you never even knew existed?

I was playing around with Google Maps a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon Grenada, a small island nation about 200 KM northeast of Venezuela. As I was looking at Grenada’s lovely coastline, composed of jutting peninsulas and small bays, I had the strange feeling I had seen something similar to this before. And then it hit me: this coastline reminded me of some of the old Donkey Kong video games of the 1990s.

From A Certain Point of View

Donkey Kong Country 3 screenshot

In a fairly typical person’s mind, this would only give rise to a thought like: “Oh, the designers of the video game must have been influenced by real geography when creating their game.”

And I’m sure this is true — but consider a decidedly unorthodox mind. Such a person may be reminded just how similar life is to a Grand Cosmic Game. Movies like “The Matrix” and “The Truman Show” have provided excellent examples of life being a vast simulation.

But the purpose of this article isn’t necessarily to make you question whether or not your life could be, on some level, a cosmic game. Instead, this article is intended to inspire you to take control of your own “game”.

You see, from a certain point of view, life on Earth is a game, and with services like Google Maps, you can finally see the playing field like never before.

Acknowledge Possibilities

So I encourage you, dear reader, to experiment with Google Maps, find a place that interests you, and realize that you could be there, and quite soon if you really wanted to. You could be there looking up at that sky, breathing that air, your feet on that ground… if you want it enough. If you have truly made yourself the captain of your life, you could find a way to visit a majestic corner of the planet that you may not have even heard of before.

If you so desired, you could consciously expand your world, and no one could stop you. But you already know that deep down, don’t you?

Life is too short to die with regrets. Explore your world while you still have time.

I know you can do it, so what are you waiting for?

4 bits on Explore Your World While You Still Have Time (The Cosmic Game)

  1. Nice post! I had many questions about the full of mysterious cosmos before. After I read your post obtaining more knowledge to my questions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, Hainan. 🙂

    This article was rather spontaneous and written in a different style from most of my articles. I wonder if it will have the effect I had in mind…

  3. Google maps is a great tools but there’s nothing like seeing the world with your own eyes.

  4. Exactly, Shahar! I think you’re starting to understand the impetus of this website 🙂