Photo: A Shift to Explore Oahu Soon

Do I love this island? Yes. Do I also think that Life is inviting me to explore way beyond here? Yes.
⁣And it’s not just because that 95% of the people I seem to resonate the most with (& are willing/able to plan things with me) inevitably leave the island within a month or less. Maybe it’s because I’m a planner, and that’s not the flow here? Or maybe this island already taught me the lessons that I needed to learn here, and life is inviting me to continue exploring. 🌍 Those of you who have read “Ten Thousand Hours in Paradise” may recall my reference to Europe at the end of that…
⁣For now, I’m feeling the pull to explore Oahu, and then beyond. Just going to get my 2nd #Moderna shot in a couple weeks and the sky is the limit! ️ Don’t get me wrong, I still care about people on this island; but the pandemic has completely changed the energy of this place for me, and I feel a strong call to move the energy around. 🕺
⁣Thanks for being a good hiking buddy, Leah, even if you weren’t here that long. I enjoyed (& continue to enjoy) our conversations very much. You have a sharp mind and a lot of energy. And I hope our paths cross again I’m sure I’ll be back in California, more likely heading through, in the foreseeable future 🛩

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