A Profound Little Machine poem

the note falls upon the room
retrograde violins coalescing into coolness
an ineffable ambiance

the song plays again

a statement, a reminder
from a little machine called a soul
being moved so far by a little song
from a little machine called a computer

questions beg through two tiny speakers
filling the small room with piano echoes
filling it with sorrow

the song plays again

the song soothes
and yet makes the room profoundly sad
unearthing memories long forgotten

tears almost felt
but they’ll never come
a little machine called a soul
feels its gears grind
and wonders why

the song plays again

yet the speakers play only for the soul
the soul that begged them to play
for the song only reflects the soul’s state of mind

so the soul decides to change
and the song ceases to sooth
and the soul begins to dream

the song doesn’t play again