Photo: Footsteps on Kehena Black Beach

Two exciting announcements! 🥳 1. On Friday @ 3PM Hawaii, 6PM PDT, I’m hosting a YouTube Live! I’ll perform part of 1 of my #TropicalAdventure books, followed by an AskMeAnything, & then something NEW →

ALSO, in case you missed it, a new (FREE) episode of #HoloHoloTime went up to my Patreon page, in which I interview my amazing friend Mathias who LIVES IN A FRICKIN #TREEHOUSE in Waipi’o valley. 🏝

Seriously, hearing about this way of life just might blow your mind→ 🤯

#waipiovalley #hawaiipodcast #goingonaholoholo #livingoffgrid #luckywelivehawaii

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Photo: Unexpected Ponies near Me

The 1 unexpected bonus about being in #Wisconsin right now? #Ponies.

Also, is that a #TREEHOUSE in the background? ?

Ponies in a snowy field