Photo: Footsteps on Kehena Black Beach

Two exciting announcements! 🥳 1. On Friday @ 3PM Hawaii, 6PM PDT, I’m hosting a YouTube Live! I’ll perform part of 1 of my #TropicalAdventure books, followed by an AskMeAnything, & then something NEW →

ALSO, in case you missed it, a new (FREE) episode of #HoloHoloTime went up to my Patreon page, in which I interview my amazing friend Mathias who LIVES IN A FRICKIN #TREEHOUSE in Waipi’o valley. 🏝

Seriously, hearing about this way of life just might blow your mind→ 🤯

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HoloHoloTime 0108: Rory & Krunchi P3 – Social Programming

A-LO-HA 🌺 For this week’s episode of #HoloHoloTime, Krunchi puts forth some rather controversial theories about growth, marriage, how age affects compatibility in relationships, what the standard narrative is, and more. Despite the deep nature of this series, listening to these episodes almost always cheers me up 💗 LISTEN →

If you haven’t heard Part 1, start here →

Either way, in this episode Krunchi and Rory question what we’ve been taught to believe. We work not to generalize, and come to some interesting disagreements in the process. 🤣 We delve into what is *our* truth vs. what is made up. It’s a deep discussion and thought-provoking to say the least. Should judges be involved when a relationships go south? Sound off in the comments!

“I believe people only make mistakes when they try to control another person.” ~ Krunchi

Recorded DEEP in the heart of #Kalapana on the edge of the Big Island of Hawaii… Tune in for the 4th and final part later in the month! 💗 And if you enjoy this podcast, please share this post! It REALLY helps support this work! We’re going to get through this 💪🍀 Again, you can listen now for free →


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